1981 Jeep CJ-8 “Scrambler“. It does have a salvage title, but as you can tell is a straight and good driving CJ. The mileage is an estimate as the speedometer has been replaced, no guarantee on the mileage. It has a new starter, flywheel, clutch & pressure plate, carburetor, fuel pump, alternator, and exhaust. The tires are practically new and have plenty of life left in them. The 4wd works as expected and has never had any issues.

This Jeep is currently sitting at a dealership in Forest City, NC if you want to see it. I also have a video of it starting and running, but since the video the exhaust has been replaced.

I am happy to answer any questions you might have, this is a great example of a good solid running CJ that would be excellent as a driver. As you might expect, it does get a lot of questions and looks, as there are not many of these running around.

Location: Forest City, North Carolina, United States

Seller's eBay profile: currier77 (Affiliate link)