Body and frame in beautiful condition for its age. There is a ding in the back bumper and a few other imperfections but everyone who sees the jeep is in awe of its condition as there is barely any rust. There is a small area of surface rust just forming near a tire but can be fixed before it gets worse. The pictures speak for themselves though, it’s really a gorgeous machine.

I just replaced the windshield and the exhaust system about a month ago and also serviced about a month ago. I have kept up to date with emissions testing. I have been using the jeep as a second vehicle and only during the non- winter months.

The interior seats are as if they are brand new. As soon as I purchased the jeep, I put waterproof seat covers on it. In one of the pictures I pulled up one of the cushions to show the condition of the seats underneath. The upholstery is gorgeous.

It is super comfortable to ride in and I think is super fun to drive and very sturdy, like a heavy metal tank. It’s super fun to drive.

It’s a 4 cylinder so the pickup up slow, there’s no airbags as its an antique. The 4 wheel drive works. The heat works, the ac right now blows cool and not cold. The radio is original and works great. I dont think the e-brake works but I never used it so I just didn’t really care. It’s got some quirks. It’s not meant for highway driving or for long road trips, or for towing or pulling or off-roading. (it’s in original, unmodified condition).

It does need a new transmission. I found one the other day online for $750 and that includes shipping and it is actually from the same exact jeep, has been tested and is warrantied (I can pass on that info to you). There are a couple of leaks. Basically, it needs some work and I just dont have the garage to store it in or the capability to keep on top of the maintenance. All antiques require maintenance.

It’s a perfect car to restore for a collector. Jeep this year I have seen listed online for sale from $18,000- $24,000. There’s alot of potential for this jeep. The body is gorgeous and there is hardly any rust anywhere at all. When I bought it, it had been stored in a garage for 20 years so it never saw winters.

I am selling it “as-is” and I am hoping the right person comes along and scoops this little beautiful jeep up and takes great care of it.

Any questions, just ask!

Location: Darien, Connecticut, United States

Seller's eBay profile: daytrip88 (Affiliate link)