1986 Jeep Cherokee 2 Door 4X4 5 Speed Manual Command Trac AMC Very Rare
1986 Jeep Cherokee Xj 2 Door 4X4 5-Speed Manual Transmission Command Trac AMC 2.8L V6 I Haven’t Seen Another one Like it, Please Do your Due Diligence on this Jeep, You Wont Find Another One In this Color Nor a 2 Door, Last one I Have Found Was on Ebay With 4 Doors with Low Miles For 15k, This Cherokee Is Running Like a Top, Clutch works as it Should, Brakes are in Working Order, New Starter, New Radiator, Its 36 Years old, and the interior is Great Shape Considering the Age, The Exterior Has a Few Flaws, Its a Repaint Looks to be a 15 Year old Paint Job, So with that Said It is Not a Mint Condition Jeep, Its a 36 Years old Used Jeep That Didn’t Have a Hard Life, Just a daily driver, Its a Southern Xj with No Rust Concerns, I think when this Jeep Hits 50 Years Old The price Value will go way up! Like The AMX did, AMC Jeep Cherokee 4×4 2 Door 5-Speed Manual is Very Rare, Please Email me if anyone would Like more Information on this Jeep,

Location: Huntersville, North Carolina, United States

Seller's eBay profile: kowalski1023 (Affiliate link)