1995 Jeep Cherokee XJ Sport. 2-door XJ, 6cyl HO 4.0L with Manual Transmission (AX-15). Rear Axle is the Chrysler 8.25.
Has a 4.5″ lift from Rusty’s and siting on 31″ A/T tires.

New shocks, new fender flares and hardware, New P/S pulley, upgraded the steering box from a Durango (much sturdier), Steering box spacer from IRO, Drag link replaced, new beefier tie rod (from a ZJ) and TREs, New U-joints in front and rear drive shafts, Drums rebuilt with all new hardware, replaced the gas sending unit/tank level indicator, exhaust manifold replaced, new muffler, new magnaflow hi flow cat, new tailpipe and hangers, new battery, new alternator, replaced front seats (from a 1996) still flip forward as you can see in the pictures, Cargo area is bedlined, headliner was replaced, New transfer case shift linkage from Boostwerks engineering (much better design over stock), New Thermostat and housing, New front bumper, RC sway bar quick disconnects, Replaced the climate control console, Installed speaker bar in rear and new speakers in doors as well, New engine oil and filter. Have a new radiator and water pump that I will include but haven’t installed since it hasn’t needed them replaced and a spare 31″ tire w/o a rim.

Known Issues: found a few small holes in passenger floorboard (easily patchable). some small cracks in dash, roof is faded and whole truck could use some paint if desired, a few dents/dings around the body.

Put a lot of love into this. I only drive it once on the weekends around town.

Location: Chesapeake, Virginia, United States

Seller's eBay profile: johes_9528 (Affiliate link)