All Metal/new Suspension/4×4/dana Axles /232ci I 6
1972 Jeep Military

“You’re in the Army now, you’re not behind a plow…you’re digging’ a ditch you son of a bi#@h, you’re in the Army now! A theory connects the term with Ford’s nomenclature of GP, its military reconnaissance vehicle. Just like HMMWV became “Humvee,” perhaps GP slurred into “Jeep”. Although we don’t know for sure where the word came from, Jeep has undeniably become synonymous with quality, strength and adventurous determination – all characteristics of the American spirit.

Queue the MASH music, bring in the helicopter, organize triage, and let’s keep things moving we have wounded to attend to! The ubiquitous Jeep with its origins in the military with its name even being an acronym for GP, this olive drab patina CJ version from 1972 is all military. It even sports an Army star on the hood. Strip out of your civies and get your camp on we are going on a mission!

Years of outside activities and missions have left this Jeep with a beautiful faded patina of olive drab with a peering of surface rust where some off road experiences may have removed some of that said paint. A hardtop version with all metal construction and some sliding plastic windows for the rear passengers. Steel black bumpers are on and save for dual large black mirrors hanging from either side it is a 21 gun salute with its large knobby tires and black wheels. A-Ten HUT!

I don’t know but I’ve been told, a frog man’s money is as good as gold. Slipping past utilitarian metal doors in…olive drab! We see 2 low back buckets covered in camo seat coverings. In fact, it took me a while to find them they are so well camouflaged! Upfront is a simple metal dash with a large circular gauge cluster, knobs and buttons. Floors are black rubber, and in back is a fabricated metal bed with metal bench seats on opposing sides running the length of the bed. All metal insides, even the headliner is metal, and all surfaces showing some wear and scratches, with dents and dings, mostly normal use. Sound off..1..2, Sound off..3…4 Sound off 1…2…3…4!

Lifting that white star to the windshield, reveals an unrestored engine bay. Within its confines is a 232ci inline 6 cylinder with a 1-barrel carburetor. Borg Warner is providing the transmission in the form of a 3-speed manual on back. A Dana 30 front axle and a Dana 40 rear axle completes the 4-wheel drive. What you lookin’ at May-o-naise??

A solid frame with a new suspension in leaf spring setup. 4-wheel drum brakes and fairly clean underneath, with just spotty light surface rust.

When commanded to do so, it fires right up and runs like it’s on a 10k hike. Through anything I tested it on a remaining snow pile near the test tracks and it plowed right over it. Very stable with the new suspension and all the gears, including the crawler were working just great! The horn is not working, reverse lighting does not work, and the turn signals were not working as well.

A fun example, even a piece of military history, but the olive drab patina sucks you in like the local recruiting station. So, sign up for only a 10 year stint, but then you get full retirement and can go do something else, like drive this authentic military styled and painted Jeep around. Gimme double time!!!

Location: Morgantown, Pennsylvania, United States

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