1981 Jeep Scrambler CJ8
Rare Jeep CJ8 for sale. Chevy 350 with THM-350 3-speed automatic and NP205 transfer case, SOA lift with nearly new 33/10.50 tires (spare is different, but I have chrome wheel to match). I put wide track D30/AMC20 axles in as well. Power steering, power brakes, aluminum radiator with electric fan, retro-looking radio with bluetooth, Tuffy Box. New seats with 3 point harnesses are way better than the lap belts that came with it. It has the original bulkhead and I put 2 rear seats in with seat belts. Solid frame and body, there are a few rust bubbles on the rocker panels, scratches on the bumper, and a chip on the hood, but it is otherwise looks pretty nice. Actual mileage unknown, the odometer was stuck at 158K when I got it and I replaced it. Not a show truck and not a rock crawler, but it will get you and 5 of your average size people where they want to go. Comes with 1/2 hard top and full doors.

Location: Huntingtown, Maryland, United States

Seller's eBay profile: mizer_18 (Affiliate link)