1968 Jeep J3000 Pickup Brown 4WD Manual. This Jeep is a GREAT running, driving, tagged and registered daily driving vehicle. It needs absolutely NOTHING to be driven regularly. There is one tennis ball sized rust spot on the driver side floor that I’ve been driving with no problem. There are a few other spots here and there throughout the body but nothing major. For a perfectionist, the body will need paint, otherwise, it has a really cool look as it sits. As seen in the pictures, the body has its fair share of small dings and dents throughout, but again really nothing major. The 327 is a BEAST and fires right up. 73k miles on the dash. Only other thing is the throw out bearing makes some noise only when the clutch is pressed in, but doesn’t effect its ability to drive whatsoever. All in all, in great shape for its age! Leadville, Colorado, United States