1968 Kaiser M715 / Gladiator Jeep Truck This is a Restored Condition 1968 Gladiator Jeep Truck in Outstanding Shape ( I’m a Collector of Top Notch Military Vehicles, and Have Searched for a M715/ Gladiator Truck in Awesome Mechanical + Body Conditions, This is IT !!! Been looking for 18 years and this is the BEST Example of a Drivable, Inspection Ready, Mud Chewing , Snow Monster , Dirt Eating , Gladiator Jeep Truck ! I have a Clean Virginia Title. This personal Jeep was my “Baby” , for the Last 3 years and I’ve Done a lot of Work on Her USING ONLY New Parts from Memphis Equipment Co. ( They are the Company that Bought ALL the Factories of about 6 Heavy Duty U S Military Vehicles, they Have EVERY PART to Completely Replace the Entire Vehicle) Can’t Tell you How Many Shows , Conventions, and Military Exhibitions ..I’ve Gone to to Find a Better M715…There Isn’t ! ( Mine is Not a Rotisserie Restoration…more like Backyard BBQ ! ) I Personally installed 2 Brand New G.S.S. Ballistic Seats 12-way Adjustable for Comfort +Safety..Out of a U.S.Army MRAP / even has removable inserted Spine Cushion to take out So you can Wear your Pack & Rifle while Driving ! Also Has Hand welded Rims to Fit 40”inch Pitt Bull Rocker Tires ( Tires have Less Than 150 miles on them ) Engine is the Original In-line 6 Tornado SUPER TORQUE , ( Was going to Drop a Chevy 305or a Cummins Diesel into it ,as Many others have Done. But Kept it ‘OldSchool’ ( Look at Spec Sheet from Memphis Equipment on my Photo’s)..of Course..Dana 60 / Dana 70 axles , Don’t get me Wrong,,has a Dusting’ of corrosion, But you can Wipe OFF with a Hanky, also has a Few Dings + scratches..But Didn’t mind..Because Next Project was to COAT Entire Gladiator with Flat Black Kevlar DuPont Rubberized sealer… Btw , Engine + Transmission have Less Than 10K miles on them . I’m Getting a 8×8 from Europe in December,and Need the Space.. The Last 4 Gladiators on eBay motors Each.. Sold for $18K , or a bit Less, I CAN Give you a List of M715,s That are Junk, Rust Buckets,XBrush Trucks from Fire Depts out a West…I’d Drive This to Alaska Tomorrow with the Windshield Folded Down..and my Skull Mask on . Btw, Have ALWAYS Filled Her up 100% Gas + Seafoam Every Fill up ,No Corn ! My Price is FAIR ,

Lokace: Ranson, West Virginia, United States

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