1978 Jeep Cherokee Chief 4WD White V8 5.9L “Very Good Condition”
The truck runs perfectly, and has been my daily driver. The original amc 360 V8 5.9L under the hood. The 4×4 is reliable and in perfect working order. All necessary repairs and replacements have been properly
performed as well as several aftermarket upgrades. This work includes: new radiator, water pump, starter, alternator, lifters, carburetor, upgraded performance cam, and more. The dashboard has been redone with new
lights and gauges; there are new led headlamps; the interior has aftermarket seats and carpeting; audio is upgraded with a kenwood head unit and pioneer speakers. I have receipts of everything that has been done. I also
have three boxes of parts that I haven’t had a chance to install as I am not good with working on vehicles and have to send it to local Jeep professional. The boxes along with the gladiator grill are included
with the truck. If you are looking for a tough and classic truck, you will be more than happy with this one. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. Title is From California
Registered in Georgia currently
Starts perfectly without any issues. Alpharetta, Georgia, United States