GPW Green Vehicle Description
– Ford GPW Jeep
– Ford 4 cylinder L-head 134 cubic inch engine
– 3 speed manual
– 4×4
– Original canvas pieces included(see photos)
– Ford built277,896 GPW Jeeps during the war
– Worlds first mass-produced 4 wheel drive car
– Converted to 12v
Your looking at a great running and driving example of a 1943Ford GPW Willys Jeep manufactured specifically for the war effort. In the early 1940s, Ford jumped into help Willys MB with manufacturing to keep up with demand. All the parts between theFord GPW and Willys MB jeeps are completely interchangeable. This is a very original, history rich Willys with the original canvas coverings and almost all original sheet metal and floor pans. This is the most iconic vehicle of WWII and earned a reputation of toughness, durability and versatility in the war. This vehicle almost single handily replaced use of draft animals such as horses because they are just so versatile. This Jeep still runs and drives very similar to how it did back in 1943 to give the driver a taste of how soldiers traveled in WWII. Overall this Willys has a clean undercarriage, and is mostly rust free with all the body panels being very straight and original.