John Ericson’s 1988 Jeep Cherokee Limited all original!
Here is your chance to invest in a celebrity-owned vehicle which is in very good condition and runs great! This is a 1988 Jeep Cherokee Limited previously owned by Mr. John Ericson of Santa Fe, New Mexico. I was John’s mechanic for 20 years and have performed all of the maintenance and repairs on this Jeep during that time. I know this Jeep well. The Jeep has had a variety of the usual repairs done to it, which i can expand upon if asked. It has been routinely maintained as needed, and Mr. Ericson always allowed me to perform the services which I recommended. The paint is fading on the horizontal surfaces (life in a desert climate), but there is NO RUST ! This was John’s daily driver, and he was very fond of it for many years. This Jeep was driven gently – no off road use. Also, I will be able to support the provenance of this vehicle to qualified potential buyers – no problem with that. John Ericson is a well-known Hollywood actor during the 50’s and 60’s who starred along with many other leading actors of the era. check out: Please go on youtube and search his name to find some trailers, clips, films, and interviews. I appreciate a buyer’s interest, and I will be happy to pick you up at the airport and bring you to a hotel. Also, I will certainly work with any auto-shipper of your choice.
This Jeep is in good condition and runs fine. The buyer will have the opportunity to roadtest it before completing payment. With that said, remember that it is a 29 year old vehicle and is being sold ‘as is, where is’. No returns, please. I would discuss a sale outside of North America with a qualified buyer. I will be happy to chat by phone, if desired. Please send me a message with your phone number and best time to call. Thanks for viewing! Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States