1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer ecognized as the first luxury 4-wheel drive sport utility vehicle, the Jeep Grand Wagoneer continues to be as an iconic vehicle for its luxurious options and features. The Wagoneer model was produced under numerous manufacturers from 1962-1991. In 1984, the Wagoneer went to a unibody structure which greatly improved ride and handling qualities. For consignment a Grand Wagoneer that will need some TLC to get it up and running and to pass a state inspection. We would refer to this as a “Barn Find.” Exterior
With its 4 doors, wood panels, and brown exterior paint, which is faded, gaps that are out of sync, and body panels that have invasive rust, particularly on the rocker areas, this truck appears to be well involved in some exterior degradation. From front bumper and grille bodywork, to front quarters to lower rear quarters, rockers on both sides, under faux door “wood,” rear pillars and tailgate, rust has begun the battle, and will need to be remediated. Glass is all there and uncracked, chrome and brite work is pitted, and badging shows corrosion. Interior
With front buckets that have soiled cloth inserts and outer leather bolsters that have rips and lots of cracks, the seats have been well utilized. Carpeting is stained, door panels are dirty but all intact. Dash has cracks in the upper padding, and instrument panel is surprisingly clean. Headliner sags in the front section and rear cargo compartment carpet is very faded. The odometer shows 150,179 actual miles. Morgantown, Pennsylvania, United States