1979 Jeep Cherokee Chief Survivor Jeep
Original paint survivor. This Jeep was first sold out of Albuquerque, NM then made its way to Arizona. A priest in Phoenix owned it before I bought it off what we believe to be the 3rd owner who brought this Jeep to Tucson, AZ about 5 years ago. Jeep has part-time kit to make it true 2WD when cruising the streets. Quickly engage the part-time kit to allow the quadratrac transmission to engage. Has working 4H and 4L. Automatic transmission shifts perfectly, and transmission has no issues whatsoever. Tons of power in this 360 motor! Air conditioner blows extremely cold. Everything on this Jeep functions as it should. The rear glass goes up/down by either the switch on the dash, or a key on the tailgate (this is a common area that breaks on these vehicles, but this one works perfect). There is absolutely 100% zero rust / rot anywhere on this Jeep except for the common rust-prone rear quarters right behind the rear wheels. All these Jeeps rust there due to them collecting mud/dirt. As you can see, though there is rust, it is not nearly as bad as others you’ll find since it lived in a dry climate its whole life. The Jeep’s original paint has a nice patina to it. But, it’s only original once. Vail, Arizona, United States