For sale is a 1951 Willys CJ3A/451 GB. Serial number 451GB119144. The jeep runs and drives, Main brakes work fine. The jeeps needs a few things but nothing too serious. We drive it around our farm to check fencing, etc. Things the jeep will need to drive it on the road emergency brake not working, turn signals not working, drivers door zipper need sewn back on. Needs a tool box lid. Speedometer does not work. Fuel gauge does not work. I keep it full of gas. I have had it pop out of second gear. A man told me it could be synchronizer in transmission. I am including another transmission in deal. I usually hold it in second until I get to third though. Sometimes the front end bounces if you hit a pothole. A man told me it could be king pin bearing in front axle. I am including another front and axle in deal it may need an alternator as the battery has gone dead recently. Included are for extra tires, rims, manuals, extra jeep Willys – with gauges and heater. Frame, two axles, transmission, transfer case and engine block are also included. Thanks for looking.