1949 Jeep Willys Pickup Rock Crawler Jp Magazine’s Wicked Willys
This is an Arizona titled (clean and clear) 1949 Willys Pickup built on a stretched 1997 Jeep Wrangler frame with a three-link front, 4-link rear, one-ton axles, manual transmission, 505 cubic inch Dodge/Chrysler RB Big Block engine. There are many many details that went into this build and I will try to list them here, but may miss some or forget some. Any really interested parties need to come see this truck first hand and ask questions. I reserve the right to cancel the auction any time in case of local sale, or if I decide to keep the truck. The truck drives great on-road and is extremely capable off-road. It has plenty of power, and turns heads everywhere it goes. Everyone loves it from Rednecks, to Hippies, and everyone in between. Built as a Jp Magazine project Vehicle there are 8 or 9 3-4 page articles on the build. To see them Google: “Jp Magazine Wicked Willys”
You can also Google “Wicked Willys Ultimate Adventure” for more info on the truck and the UA trip. There are many articles and photos of this rig in magazines and on the web. The truck, since I finished it in june of last year, has been on Petersen’s 4-Wheel & Off-Road Ultimate Adventure for 2016 (that included about 2000 miles of on road and trail driving) Over the Rubicon, Isham trail near Trona, CA, and part of Fordyce. Its also been on a few trails in AZ and all over Moab during Easter Jeep Safari 2017. It drives over almost anything the driver aims it at and is very stable off-road. I’d love to keep it, but I like to build 4x4s and can’t keep them all. The Engine is a stroked and bored (.030 over) ’67 Dodge/Chrysler RB with an Eagle Rotating Assembly, Edelbrock Heads, Edelbrock intake, Edelbrock Fuel injection, Headers, an MSD ignition, Crane Solid Lifter Roller cam, and so on, etc, everything but the block is new as of about a year ago. The engine was built by a local guy named Joe Ali who knows his stuff. Its loud, makes plenty of power and drinks fuel like a fish. I run it on 93 octane, but I think it would prefer race gas and advanced timing.
Transmission is a dodge NP435 that shifts great. Clutch and flywheel are from Centerforce. The transmission is the only part of the truck that hasnt been re-built as of a year ago. as said it shifts well. ….