1950 Jeep Willys Jeepster FOR SALE
I am selling my 1950 Willys Jeepster. It is in great shape and runs without issues. It is 100% stock except that I upgraded the old rotor, points, condenser ignition system to a Pertronix electronic ignition. I also had the internal parts of the old tube radio converted to a solid state radio that plays both AM and FM. This kept the stock look of the radio in the dash, but allows for clear FM reception. It is a manual transmission with “three on the tree” and overdrive. This means you have to know how to use a clutch and operate a manual transmission. The Jeepster has a powerful 4-cylinder engine and with the Overdrive engaged, easily cruises at 60 mph. This car is not concours perfect, it’s condition allows the owner to actually drive and enjoy the car! It has YOM California license plates from 1950 that will be sold with the car only if the buyer is a California resident. All lights, heater, radio, instruments etc work; however, the vacuum powered wipers are not very reliable – but you wouldn’t want to drive this classic in the rain anyway! Included in the sale price are the car, a car cover, literature, extra parts and maintenance parts. In the early 1940’s Willys made “muscle cars” of that era. During WWII, Willys made most of the War effort’s General Purpose vehicles or “GP” vehicles which became better known as “Jeeps” – that legend continues today. After the war, Willys made the “Civilian Jeep” or “CJ” that quickly became a mainstay both on the farm and for recreation. After the war, Willys also introduced the first “all steel station wagon” – as an improvement over those wood-bodied station wagons. In addition to the CJs and Willys Wagons & Willys Pick-Up, Willys experimented with a Phaethon style open convertible: The Jeepster. It was produced only from 1948-1950. Jeepsters are not designed or built for off-road; they are not 4-wheel drive – they were Willys’ attempt at a more sporty, luxury car.