For sale, 1963 Kaiser Jeep J200 “Thriftside” four wheel drive pickup truck. It’s the first year for the “J” series truck and with the rare and desirable “Thriftside” 7’ box. The odometer shows just over 80K miles, which I believe to be accurate. “Tornado” OHC I-6 engine runs well but leaks oil pretty badly. Engine accessories, water pump, fuel pump, distributor, carb and alternator all work well or have been rebuilt since I’ve had the truck. No coolant leaks. The heat and defrost work fine. The T-90, 3-speed manual transmission works OK. Could shift smoother between 2 & 3. The column shift linkage has only a few miles on rebuild. Suspect synchros are wearing. Clutch also Is OK. It has newer clutch hydraulic cylinders. Dana 20 transfer case works well and indicator lamps function. The rest of the drive train, drive shafts, axles, (4.09 ratio), and knuckles are in good shape and have been maintained. Steering is good…considering design and brakes work well, including E-brake. Brake master cylinder changed to dual reservoir style. Good rubber on refurbished OEM rims.