1967 Jeep Kaiser M715
5 speed getrag,
1995 12 valve p-pump,
4k gov springs
160 lb valve springs,
high flow intake horn
PSE high output steering pump with cooler
cross over steering with ram, double sheer high steer arms,
GM steering box taped for assit with brace,
5.86 gear,
d60 front spool,
chrome Molly shafts
Yukon super joints (650$),
SOLID drive flanges,
2001 dodge d70 rear welded with spare shafts,
44“ boggers pretty much brand new,
H1 bead locks with inserts, autometer gauges,
16 gal fuel cell
Quick disconnect steering wheel
all lights installed but not hook up wires are run from the front to under the dash but no rear wiring has been installed,
truck is pretty clean rust wise someone has plated in the bed at some point and pass floor has a few small dime size or smaller holes, rockers have been cut out and 2×4 rock sliders installed
new front fenders 0 rust,
has rust free doors,
no canvas old and ripped, there is a ebay listing for brand new ones for pretty cheap,
It’s not perfect by no means but dose go down the road pretty good
It dose have some dings and dents things super fun and is a beast