1948 Willys CJ2A Navy
948 WILLYS CJ2A 185523 dressed as a WWII Navy Jeep (it is not a real WWII jeep) with markings from my early 50s Navy time at the Navy Base San Diego (NBSD). It would be great for giving a WWII Veterans a ride in parades and running around in, gets a lot of attention, turns heads for second look. „Thank a teacher if you can write English and
thank a WWII veteran for making it possible to speak English“ This 1948 Willys CJ2A is in good condition with a lot of original parts, like…all original gauges that work just fine, new speedometer, 6 volt starter and generator, oil bath air breather with partial decal still on it, original Carter carb with crossover tube and carb horn, nice radiator with original cap, most of the original wiring, I did repair some of the frayed wiring, original CJ2A Spartan horn, battery hold down with bracing strap, all lights work, including the little red bright light indicator, dash light, original Harrison heater with extra defroster attachment, front seat frames with original spring and padding inserts, very solid and nice original front floor boards, rear floor solid but dented, inside and outside rear view mirrors, original oil filter, five blasted and powder coated original Willys 16 inch steel wheels with five new Firestone heavy duty 600 x 16 military NDTs (non-direction tread), original black steering wheel, Has some rust, mainly in hat channels that had wood inserts, none in floors, tool box bottom has been repaired, we found some bondo upon removing the old paint, we used very little bondo, we did not fill any dents, left then as battle scars, paint job turned out to be 10–2, looks good at 10 feet not so good up close, but you don’t have to worry about scratching it as I have already done that putting it back together. Engine starts right up and idles and runs smooth and quiet with plenty of pep, does not smoke, holds 10-15 psi oil pressure at 180 degrees temperature at idle, jumps to 40 psi oil pressure upon revving engine, I drove it around in low/low range for about 30 minutes or so and it did not get over 180 degrees, shifts good in all gears, 2 wd, 4 wd and low range, I could not get it to jump out of second, brakes work good, even emergency brake, it has only left a couple of small spots on garage floor in two months of working on it. Non-original items….WWII front fender Black Out Light, WWII spare tire rack, WWII style Jerry can holder with new usable Jerry Can with funnel, oil can and holder under hood, WWII tandem hand wipers, front seat belts, working turn signals, rear fender cushion inserts in gray vinyl to match front seats, WWII body handles, WWII rear bumperettes, pintle hook, rear side reflectors, new windshield rubbers, tail gate bolted up, extra stop lights to accommodate turn signals, stabilizing shock on tie rod, front frame horns were boxed in with heavy metal to support the heavy duty front bumper, new steel gas tank.
I tried to fix the things I felt needing attention, but I’m sure I could have missed something as well missed listing something that I did work on, there is no warranty expressed or implied, after all it is 68 years old.