1989 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Base Sport Utility 4-Door 5.9L
„Miss Agnes“ came in to our family about 4 months ago, and while she has a solid body, brand new tires, brand new radiator, current VA inspection and LOTS of character….we think she’d be better off with someone who can give her the care and attention she needs. She has very little rust, and the interior is in fair condition. She is a marvelous restoration candidate…which we may undertake if this auction doesn’t work out. Known issues: Electric back window will not go down or up, nor does the defrost work
The transmission pauses and „jumps“ when coming out of a stop light/sign sometimes….not all the time, just when she’s in a bad mood
Miss Agnes has bad breath….there is an oil leak somewhere…she smokes a bit, but doesn’t appear to be dropping oil when parked
She sags a little in the rear and we can hear a „rubbing“ coming from the back end. A couple of leaf springs may solve that problem
Her steering is a little loose sometimes. We had the front sway bar bushings replaced this summer, but she’s still a little wobbly.
If you are looking for a classic 4×4 to get you 1.25 miles to the gym and back every morning, SHE’S THE ONE!!! Actually, in the right hands, she will come back to her full glory!! We get compliments every time we drive her, just not sure we want to address all the issues this grand old lady has.