1976 CJ 5 Gasser. If you want something that is one of a kind this is it. It cruises down the road straight and is one heck of a head turner. All lights and blinkers work. I drive it to shows and drive ins. Never had it on a track. It’s just built to look like an old gasser. All nitrous is there but not hooked up. Chute is just for show. All details are listed below. 1. 1976 CJ5 Body, 2. steering column 1980s CJ5, 3. radiator 4 core aluminum CJ5 with custom aluminum xtra 1.4 gallon tank, 4. carburetor 2 700Holley, 5. 18 gallon fuel tank, 6. alternator GM single post, 7. blower GM 871 large rotor/Teflon stripped, 8. belt 2000 H8m/ alky diggers blower hub, 9. motor 1970 429 scj large wed, dove-a 30 over ford forged pistons 9:1 / steel crank, cj rods, hyd lvnati blower cam, msd dist mech adv, summit scj aluminum heads, roller rockers, large pushrods, high volume oil pump, summit daeyele chain timing, aluminum high volume water pump, 10. Trans- 1970-71 Torino 429 close ratio RU6-AU1 31 spline, largeand large/ steel bell housing, 11. Clutch- Napa 11” heavy duty standard H pattern, 12. Oil- 12 qt system with Napa gold 1773 filters, 2500 psi hydraulic lines, remote filters, 13. Power steering- sag box and GM style Saginaw pump, 14. Rearend- 80 GM 7.5/ full spool/ 3.73 gears, 15. Brakes- 4 disc speedway, 16. Front Spindles- 37 ford/ goes bolt pattern( speedway) 17. Engine oil- Mobil 1 full syn 5/20 18. Wheelbase- 84” 19. Front rims- 15×4 20. Rear rims- 15×15 21. Tires-22.5×15 radials 22. main power/fuel pump under dash 23. dash switches- ignition/ starter button/ fan/lights 24. Roll bar is a jeep tj 25. Custom headers/side pipes with slip in muffler in them. 26. Almost all lines are crimped 2500 psi hydraulic lines. Even valve cover breather lines/ radiator over flow lines, fuel lines ect…… 27. New front tires

Location: Coushatta, Louisiana, United States

Seller's eBay profile: railroad4091 (Affiliate link)