We have enjoyed and cared for this baby for several years now. It is hard to let it go but we’ve purchased a more family friendly vehicle and no longer “need the Jeep“, but you do! If you’re a Jeeper you probably know this because Jeepers know everything; the Jeep YJ was manufactured from 1986-1995 and has the infamous square headlights which Chrysler designed to comfort prospecting Jeep buyers because squares don’t roll. Makes sense right? Well that’s not the case here! This Jeep fricken Rolls! We’ve spent the past 3 summers cruising with our two littles strapped in the back and we get looks everywhere we go. Yeah, we know our kids are having way too much fun and, thats a cool jeep! This is not a rusty rock climber but a beautiful machine from a simpler time. If you want to strip this thing down, put 35’s on and throw an LS in, go ahead! Wherever your journey takes you, rest assured, this trusty 2.5L – 4 cylinder can take you there! ..and bring you home. Pros – original – Everything functions flawlessly Cons – not very fast – stereo system not the greatest – needs new tires soon 87,400 Miles The New:New clutch – 2020Frame undercoating – 2021 New soft top – 2021 New radiator/thermostat – 2021 New spark plugs – 2022New alternator – 2023New water pump – 2023New Starter – 2023New belt – 2023 New headlights – 2023 New NAPA 7550 Battery – 2023New Calipers, rotors and pads (front) – 2023

Location: Greenville, Michigan, United States

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