This is a very cool 1981 Jeep Cherokee Laredo, manualtransmission. It gets lots of attention on the road, a real looker!

Here’s the story behind this beauty: a dishonest person sold me this Jeep backin September 2022. I was told it ran and drove perfectly, had a clean title, noissues, blah blah blah.

It didn’t run, it didn’t drive, it had no title, and it hadtons of issues.

I’m not great with cars, so I’ve had it at a mechanic’s shopsince October, just putting enough into it to get it running and driving so Ican sell it with a healthy conscience. I do have a clean title in hand.

The car DOES run and drive now, but please note that it stillhas several issues. Here’s what I’ve done to it so far:

New clutch and throwout bearing, tune-up, replaced gasfilters and lines, replaced pickup sending unit, new fuel pump, all newgaskets, new battery, and some other mechanical stuff I can’t even remember. Iactually tried to have the motor replaced altogether but couldn’t find one tofit, so had to have lots of it re-machined.

To the best of my knowledge there are no other mechanicalissues, but it does still stall sometimes and needs to warm up a fair amountbefore taking it out for a spin. Also, please note that although the odometershows 44.7k+ miles, I don’t believe that to be accurate. I do not have any ideawhat actual mileage is.

It still has the following cosmetic issues that I know of:power locks don’t always work, power windows don’t always work, rear passengerside reflector missing, no windshield wiper motors or wipers. A previous ownercut the top off (the top is now removeable) but didn’t do a great job, and itsometimes leaks in heavy rain.

I’m listing all the known issues so you have a realistic expectation of this vehicle. It’s a very cool truck and anyone who knows about fixing up old trucks will love it.

Location: Waynesville, North Carolina, United States

Seller's eBay profile: jejaco_19 (Affiliate link)