2021 6 cylinder DIESEL Gladiator Rubicon 6 Wheel 4WD ready for 6WD upgrade. 5 passenger seating. Custom truck bed with spare tire.

Extended body and reinforced frame extension of 40 inches. Mopar OEM Plum Crazy purple color Raptor texture paint. Black textured fenders. Interior top painted in oem light beige texture. Looks and feels factory.

Cloth seating for 5. Rubicon interior color theme.

Full Fox lift springs all around. 6 Fox 2.0 shocks all around with reservoirs. TeraFlex body mount lift kit. Total lift 6 inches (not including larger tires).

Full LED light kit. Front bumper 22″ new style window bar light. 2 x 4″ square led bumper lights. 2 x 3 piece pod round led a-pillar lights. Rear bumper 5″ led backup lights , Color changing led underglow kit. All controlled by OEM aux switches on dash.

Hooke Road front and rear bumpers, Hooke Road Windshield Cowl, Tyger heavy duty side steps. Custom Xsprite hood with air intake. Plum Crazy purple painted tow hooks. Door handle covers, side mirror covers, window air spoilers all custom painted Plum Crazy.

Custom truck bed side framing and glass. Raptor texture coated truck bed.

Custom hand made fenders with black Raptor texture coating

37″ Hankook Dynapro All Terrain tires. Fuel Wheels in 20″ x 12″, including the spare.

This is the new 6 cylinder Diesel with major torque (what previous Jeeps lacked) and better fuel economy. I’m getting 15 mpg so far, plus passing laggers on the road is easy now.

This vehicle is a 4 wheel drive Rubicon Gladiator JT. The rear axle is for braking and suspension. Since it is not a drive axle you are perfectly free to drive this vehicle on paved roads and highways in normal 2 wheel drive mode.

I have been getting a lot of inquiries for 6WD drive versions and have done a couple already. In my opinion this is overkill. Unless you are going up sand dunes it isn’t really necessary. Even though my differential people swear up and down it is a serious overkill setup for the pass thru differential (and it is a serious Currie differential) I think physics still dictates there is a little bind going on during turns. This pass thru differential is so heavy duty it muscles right through it but in any case it works pretty damn good. Anyway, 6WD is optional and would run you another 28k on top.

This is an urban HEAD TURNER and super cool looking vehicle and rare open top 5 passenger conversion offered on the market. It takes up almost the same footprint as a Chevy Suburban, so parking is not a problem. Light trails are no problem. The only things this vehicle isn’t meant for are rock crawling and sand dune running. This Jeep has a 7.5″ total lift higher than a stock Wrangler. Check out our website or call me direct if you have questions. We have 23 years experience extending vehicles and 5 years experience building these 6 wheels jeeps. The quality of our custom conversions is the highest in the industry.

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Location: Hacienda Heights, California, United States

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