When challenges during the 1960s sent procurement personnel looking for a replacement for the military’s aging Dodge truck fleet, they settled on this M715 1.25-ton model based around the civilian Jeep Gladiator. The example offered here harks back to those days. This example was one out of a run of 30,500 units created on the Kaiser-Jeep assembly line in Toledo, Ohio, for a brief time between 1967 and 1969—it has been given a restoration, created for utility rather than armored or combat use, the M715s were non-combat-role support vehicles used in Vietnam, Korea and other locations the U.S. military maintained a presence, both stateside and overseas. Beneath the hood is the Jeep 231 CI OHC Tornado powerplant, rated at 133 HP and based on an under-square design for optimal torque generation at low RPM levels. This was backed by a 4-speed manual transmission. Being brought back to a military-equipped level of detail, this M715 uses the correct four locking-hub 4-wheel-drive arrangement and a 24-volt electrical system. This unit has been converted two 12volt for the radio and turn signals everything else is 24v, the cab utilized a removable soft-top cab design and had a front windscreen similar to earlier military Jeeps, which fold forward down over the hood; it uses bucket seats as the battery boxes are also in the cab area. The civilian-design Gladiator fenders were modified to accept the larger extreme-duty tire. This utility application version also features a folding bench in the bed, with Dark Blue metalic paint that is very nice and the soft top in black and new. Up front, the custom grille is highlighted with the Jeep name in bold letters. The final touch is tools, bed slating for higher loads and assorted other equipment. Believed to have 14,000 original miles, there are not a lot of these left. With its presence as a piece of military history, this M715 could become a parade, utility or display vehicle, or you can just get in and enjoy it.Excellent paint w a few blems as seen in the photos, not rusted, new interior w carpet upgraded modern stereo, power windows, full roll bar and covered to match interior, This Jeep had a recent motor rebuild w less than 1000 mile added, it drives as well as an M175 can and reaches 55 mph.

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Location: Woodland Hills, California, United States

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