Looking to sell this 1966 M38A1 that is located in Murrysville, PA. I’ll be there next week and I can meet up with anyone or FaceTime anyone that would like to look at it.

– Jasper rebuilt Dauntless V6 with warranty. Installed by a local, professional mechanic.

– Rebuilt transfer case

– New clutch

– Good paint, no rust, no dents

– A military set of tires and the street tires that are on it

– Full canvas with doors

– All the parts in the backseat come with it

It’s sat for a while and is running a little rich. It does start fine, drives, and stops with no issues otherwise. I have poured some Sea Foam in it and we’ll see if that cleans the carb out a little. Selling it due to not driving it and looking to move on to the next pleasure vehicle.

Location: Houston, Texas, United States

Seller's eBay profile: niferous2013 (Affiliate link)