1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV Grey 4WD Automatic Limited
This Grand Cherokee 5.9 has been one of best cars I have owned as far as usefulness and high fun factor to drive.It is an Awesome vehicle in snow and ice it goes “anywhere “ and when summer comes it’s a rocket at the stop lights.As far as issues for 1998 vehicle it has pluses and minuses as most vehicles this age.Biggest plus is this Jeep is a one year only with the bullet proof 5.9 with lots of unique features that only came with that model.This is a low production vehicle that’s becoming collectible and for those that know what this Jeep is will appreciate it.As far as minuses it does have a transmission fluid leak that’s not the pan gasket as I have serviced the transmission and put a reusable pan gasket on it.I have been adding ATF+4 fluid once in a while,the trans shifts perfect and has no issues other then this leak.As far as other smaller issues I would prefer to explain them over the phone as typing all of it.This Jeep is being sold “as is” no warranty.

Location: Sequim, Washington, United States

Seller's eBay profile: jojoroco (Affiliate link)