1973 Jeep Wagoneer Black Jeep 360ci V8 113700 Miles
Vehicle Description
1973 Jeep Wagoneer

– Black on Black
– 360 V8
– Four Wheel Drive

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“The ’73 Jeep Wagoneer. A beautiful way to act tough.” – 1973 Jeep Wagoneer magazine advertisement

The ad went on: “Now with more luxurious interiors… and more rugged components. Follow your whims instead of a road map, Jeep 4-wheel drive will carry you into the woods, through mud, over rocks, and deep into the back country, where your boat doesn’t have to join a fleet (the ad showed a boat being hauled atop a Wagoneer). The Jeep Wagoneer has always been big on power, big on ground clearance, big on comfort. But now this best-selling 4-wheel drive family wagon is better than ever. With new drivetrain components that are even more durable. Upgraded tires that have even more traction. And interiors that are even more stylish. There’s a fully padded new instrument panel. Newly designed gauges. New door armrests, both front and rear. And it comes with just about every option, from air conditioning to snowplows. The Jeep Wagoneer will get you where you want to go-and do it in comfort. That’s the beauty of it. Toughest 4-letter word on wheels: Jeep.”

That old advertising copy pretty well nailed what would become the basis for the SUV revolution that still commands huge market share today. And in a way, virtually every word still accurately describes the ’73 Jeep Wagoneer offered here in black over black, in spite of the fact that this example has been refreshed, re-powered, and upgraded. Built in August of 1972 and currently showing 113,700 miles on its odometer, this Wagoneer has traveled fewer than 2,400 miles per-year on average since new. Its excellent overall condition and respectful upgrades in power, comfort, and style make for a nearly timeless go-anywhere vehicle, as perfect for today as it was nearly 50 years ago.

The non-metallic black paint has been professionally refreshed and shows excellent gloss and even application free of imperfections. (To best assess the quality of the paint and trim finishes, be sure to view the close-up photographs of the car in the accompanying gallery.) The Jeep’s body is likewise free of dents, dings or other damage. A mild lift-kit is installed giving the Wagoneer a more purposeful stance. Original chrome bumpers, as well as the beautifully simple chrome grille, chrome window surrounds, side mirrors, rooftop luggage rack, door handles, and rear trim are all free of damage with the metal showing only light patina from age in some places. Factory badging includes a Jeep grille emblem, front-fender “Jeep” and “4-wheel-drive” emblems, and “Wagoneer” embossed on the rear chrome trim. Cabin glass and lighting lenses are clear and free of cracks or other damage. ProComp@ polished-metal, 8-hole wheels are mounted with Sport King® All-Terrain Steel Radial raised-white-letter tires.

The Jeep’s interior continues the black color scheme and features a number of tasteful upgrades still in keeping with the overall Wagoneer style. All four door panels have been converted to simple, flat-finish vinyl with pull-handles. Black vinyl upholstery on the newer high-back front bucket and rear bench seats features a horizontal pattern. An added front console between the seats includes cupholders (a feature never imagined in 1973). Premium black carpeting covers the cabin and cargo-area floors. A 2-spoke, leather-trimmed steering wheel with “SS” center emblem frames the three-circular-instruments set in a woodgrain panel: the center speedometer with engine-monitoring gauges to each side. A dashtop tachometer has been added. The shift lever for the automatic transmission is mounted on the steering column.

Under the hood, the replacement 360-cubic-inch V8 is at the center of a very clean and properly laid-out engine bay. An open-sided chrome air cleaner and chrome valve covers add flair. All components-including power steering-are properly mounted. Viewed from below, the chassis is straight and free of damage. The custom dual-exhaust system, very clean lower engine and transmission surfaces, and upgraded steering and suspension components are all visual focal points.

The Wagoneer’s original build-data and identification tags remain mounted.

While the more than 145 high-definition photographs and the short walk-around-and-startup video available on the GarageKeptMotors website showcase this ’73 Jeep Wagoneer

in detail from every angle, including from below, we expect and encourage in-person inspections at our Grand Rapids, Michigan showroom. Please call to arrange an appointment in advance as our showroom is not open to the public. And feel free to get in touch anytime by phone or email if you have questions.

Particularly with the current launch of the new Grand Wagoneer underway-a very large and very cushy SUV-this simple, straightforward, well-maintained, and nicely upgraded ’73 Wagoneer is a pleasant reminder of “from whence we came” in the SUV world. Many enthusiasts are of the opinion that the luxe-o-barge newer SUV examples have lost the essence of what these “toughest 4-letter word” vehicles are really all about. We’re pretty sure, right now, one of those Jeep enthusiasts is reading this listing right now.

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