1962 M151 Kaiser Jeep Up for sale is a “Vietnam” Era 1962 M151 Ford Military Utility Tactical Truck or “MUTT” for short. It was part of an estate for a veteran and sold off at auction. The MUTT runs great and does come with a title to register for the street. Mileage shows 70,590 and thought to be all original. According to the prior owner the vehicle had the engine rebuilt and it was repainted some time ago. The owner used it parades and military vehicle assemblies.

All the lights, gauges, horn, and 4-wheel drive function normally. This MUTT even has the optional heater mounted between the seats.

Included with the purchase are: 4 side curtains in excellent condition, “Vietnam-Era” military memorabilia, documents on the maintenance of the M151.

Brief history of the MUTT starts after the Korean-War when the Army looked for a replacement of the Willy’s-Overland M38 style Jeep. It had to be a ¼ ton light tactical 4×4 vehicle to meet the demanding needs for the military. So, in 1960 Ford and Willys-Overland (which became Kaiser-Jeep) jointly developed and produced the M151 MUTT. Since Ford was busy making more money selling civilian cars, most of the M151’s were built by Kaiser-Jeep. The biggest difference between the Ford MUTT and the Jeep M38 was the independent suspension which gave a smoother ride and handled the terrain better. This M151 is a Kaiser-Jeep build.

A few of the specifics include:

4-cylinder Over Head Valve engine rated at 71 h.p.

4-speed transmission with 5.7:1 first gear and 1-reverse

17.5 gal. fuel tank

2-wheel drive which shifts into 4-wheel drive

Top speed of 60 mph

Total weight capacity of 800#’s

Ground clearance of 9 1/8”

This M151 MUTT is a blast to drive, as you can see in the video and is great for parades or cruises. Please note there is a slight radiator leak from the bottom tank but does not seem to cause the vehicle to overheat. The Frame is original and appears solid except for one section (see photo). Otherwise, it starts and runs great!!

Location: Street, Maryland, United States

Seller's eBay profile: jdk427 (Affiliate link)