Military Vehicles Equipment WWII Lusterless (flat) Olive Drab 33070, 1 Gallon, The best Paint Made in the USA
A quick Drying Alkyd Synthetic enamel for metal surfaces. Recommended for Military Vehicles, Equipment and Machinery.

P/N 33070
Thinning paint, or primer, to 4 parts paint to 1 part thinner. We recommend XYLENE, XYLOL, or SYNTHETIC ENAMEL REDUCER.
They can be purchased at your local hardware store, home improvement, automotive paint supplier, or Grainger.
1. Spray Cans work very well as spot corrections.
2. Do not use hardeners. if you use a hardener, it will make the paint gloss, only XYLENE, XYLOL, or SYNTHETIC ENAMEL REDUCER.
3. The paint is not designed for a clear coat and a clear coat should not be used.
4. Best Primer we recommend to use is: Jeep Barrier III Red Oxide Primer. Which can be found here: eBay item number: 322680453463

If you have a Gallon of paint or primer that has set for some time, you will need to scrape the bottom of the can and put it on an Paint Agitator for 10 minutes. One gallon will paint the surface of a Jeep. Two are required if you go through & paint every piece.

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