1985 Jeep Grand Wagoneer 26,200 Miles 3 owners
As to flaws, at one location of pinstriping on the hood there is a slight squiggle but this is simply an indication it is a decal which has moved in the heat and is not painted on. There is a slight oil drip when the vehicle sits in storage over time. We have not driven it more than 600 miles in 5 years so this is a matter of drying out gaskets. The vehicle is stored inside with a trickle charger and has a waterproof dust cover for storage. The choke sets with the gas pedal and the motor fires off flawlessly every time. This beautiful automobile is a pleasure to experience and a testament to our American factories where things were made to last. The original condition is simply amazing.

Wagoneer Features and History: The 1985 is the end of the era of round instrument gauges with metal mechanical push button and lever heater controls left of the steering wheel. The steering wheel has a round cap with spokes. The later Chrysler models have an upside down Y yoke and a squared off center horn button. All control buttons, from vent pulls to wipers, headlights, rear window control and defroster are more finely detailed than the later models. The front grille is intricate with multiple fins of polished chrome. And notice how detailed the grille and dash instrumentation and controls are on these AMC edition Wagoneers. This one features the beautiful saddle tan interior which is much richer than the desert tan version and screams quality and luxury.

Notably the 1985 still carries the American Motors Logo and badging. AMC paid more attention to detail during their production of the Wagoneer. After 1985 the Griswald 1980’s and Chrysler then fully take over. The classic exterior body remains but the grille is more simplified. And on the interior adjustments are made for mass production.

Lokace: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States