1998 Jeep Wrangler SUV White 4WD Manual SPORT
The TJ is an all around reliable daily driver with 105,000 miles. 4” lift on 33’s with 4.0L 5 speed.Brand new Best Tops soft top & Bikini Targa style top in cinnamon brown with matching half doors & tinted rear windows. Also has a slightly older full length Safari style top in black with storage bag & windshield bracket. Strong box with locking center conceal & rear storage compartment, molded floor mats, grab handles on roll bar, and tube bumpers with KC lights. Well maintained although still has normal wear & tear, fading door panels, seats that require covers, no carpet & the cable on the passenger front seat needs to be replaced but functions the way it is. The only mechanical problem is the crack on the exhaust manifold. Noticeable for the first few minutes after starting.

Lokace: Alpharetta, Georgia, United States