Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 2006 WRANGLER UNLIMITED “LJ”-BRONCO ORANGE & BACK COUNTRY READY!!!!!! Lifted w/ Over-Sized Tires & Matching Spare, On-Board Air, Over-Head/Seat/Rear Gate/Tire GEAR storage systems, 2 Gun Storage Rack, 2000 Watt Power Inverter, 9500 Lb winch, Front Spot Lights & Rear Light Bar, C/B Radio with Exterior Speaker, Rear Lockable Storage Vault, Fire Extinguishers, Hi-Lift Jack w/ base, 6 Water Canisters, Shovel & Ax w/ mount, Hitch Mount Cargo Carriage / cover, Bikini Top, 22 GEAR Storage Cases, Bike Rack, Duel Battery Tray, Exterior Cargo Cage w/ Netting, Duel Antenna, Fog Lights, Owner Manuals & Hayes Manual, Miscellaneous accessories, Rear Seat w/ Mounting Brackets, All Switches Interior Dash Mounted, Light/Reflector Guards, Interior Grab Handles, Rubber Front & Rear Floor Mats, Rear Cargo Mat, Tube Bar Front/Rear/Side Bumper/Steps. Bought New in 2006. Bullet Proof 4.0 Liter. RUNS GREAT & READY, WILLING AND ABLE TO GO ANYWHERE!!!!!! Ok folks, it appears a bit of more information is needed for someone to pull the trigger. I’m ex-military and I built the Jeep for the mountains, back country and to survive a potential apocalypse (big Red Dawn and Nostradamus fan), not just to play in the sand box in Moab or for underage drinking on the beach during spring break (though it could be if that’s of your persuasion). This Jeep will carry and traverse just about anything you could imagine, including both the Colorado and Arkansas rivers or just when heading out of cell service at 12,000 feet. The vault in the back is perfect for food storage, gear, lockable and removable if you need the seat in it. The radio/CD player has it’s own antenna as does the CB which is wired to the exterior speaker. The tires have less than 2k miles on them and the top cargo carrier is removable in less than 5 minutes. The lights are wired through the cargo cage frame with “quick disconnect” connectors so you don’t have to pull lights if you’re brave enough to go topless or just want to drive with the bikini. For you “preppers” out there, the 2000 watt inverter is controlled from the dash controller and has its own circuit breaker under the hood and will run just about anything you could plug into it. All the accessories are fused under the hood and on posts prior to heading for the battery. As for the ownership of the vehicle, we’re the original owner of the vehicle. It was bought new in Georgia and re-titled twice in Colorado. Once, when we arrived and the second time when we used it for a tax break buying our 2014 Cherokee which at that time I re-titled it in just one name. As for the “Minor Accidents” there’s actually only one. The first incident on the report was a cut in the cover (which was replaced by the insurance company) and the other was a slip off the road into one of those short green phone boxes. As it was state property, we reported it and the original bumper end was knocked off, so I replaced them. No clue as the the 3rd entry. The seats are in good condition with no tears or stains, as is the carpet. The GEAR covers have worked perfectly. One of the exhaust “donuts” are tore which gives the Jeep a rumble that will make your toes curl, but mechanically creates no issues other than an occasional flicker of the engine light. For the 53 watchers, I’m going to re-list it for 5 days to allow for clarity, communication and reconsideration. For the rest of you “people” who keep asking me to text your cell phone because “your husband wants it” or “your schedule very busy”………really??? I only respond through the ebay portal via email, so find someone else to try to scam. Financing might be available for “Well Qualified” individuals. I do run a Chevrolet dealership (this is my personal vehicle) and I’ll require a complete credit application, copy of driver license to validate identity and check credit. Most financing I can arrange for this Jeep will require a minimum of $5,000.00 down, a maximum of 60 months (depending on the individuals qualifications) and collection of your state sales tax and fees if you need me to assist you in your financing. It’s available, not preferred and/or necessary and this Jeep has nothing to do with any dealership. As I mentioned, It’s my personal vehicle. My preference is a certified check in exchange for the 3 keys, clear title and all the accessories. It’s just time sell the Jeep as I’m ready to buy and build a Gladiator!!!!!!!!!!! New Castle, Colorado, United States