2004 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited LJ Rock Crawler, 3 link front with 2.0×14 Fox coil over shocks and Fox air bumps, double triangulated 4 link rear with 2.5×14 King oil over shocks and Fox air bumps, Currie Anti Rock sway bars front and rear, Motobilt back half, fuel cell, cage, Atlas 4.3 2 speed transfercase, Currie moly 3.5″ tube large center fabricated 9″ front housing with Currie aluminum F-450 knuckles, 5/8″ stud unit bearings, 35 spline moly axles with CTM u joints, Currie high pinion 3rd member 5.29 r&p, 35 spline ARB, 3.25″ tube Currie rear fabricated 9″ housing, back braced, 35 spline moly axles, full float 5/8″ stud unit bearings, Detroit locker, Currie high pinion 3rd member, 39″ non dot Toyo MT’s on 17″ Method bead locks, Genright aluminum full corner armor, Metal Cloak front fenders, 112″ wheel base and I’m sure I’m forgetting a lot more. Windsor, Colorado, United States