Faraday Jeep, 1944 Willys MB, old School Diesel, 5 Speed, 2 Wheel Drive, 40 mpg
This is a very fun vehicle to drive and display at car shows or parades. it is very reliable and gets great fuel mileage. It gets around 35 MPG on the highway and 45 MPG on back country roads. It is equipped with a 1984 Nissan diesel with the Nissan 5 speed transmission. This Jeep is 2 wheel drive only. It has many original military accessories and a few reproduction parts like the canvas top and seat covers. It is intended to look like a jeep that has sees some action. The steering and the brakes have been updated. It drives at 65 with ease. Because this Jeep has an old school diesel it dose not require electricity to run and I am told it will run just fine on other types of fuel like bio diesel and motor oil. This Jeep would survive a solar flair or an EMP and still keep on ticking.
The motor and transmission have around 120,000 miles on them. The Jeep has around 45,000 since it was rebuilt. This Jeep is not 100% original and was not intended to be. Most of the body is original with the exception of some floorboard work. The drive train is not original.
This Jeep went to many car shows and parades with other military accessories like the fake machine gun and mount which is available separately. If you have any questions please ask. Thank you for looking Monticello, Utah, United States