1981 Jeep CJ7 Renegade Jeep 258 CI Inline 6 5 Speed Manual Classic Vintage Col
Vehicle Description
Looking and running great, this 1981 Jeep CJ7 Renegade is an exhilarating vintage ride that’s configured for scaling any off-road obstacles you steer it towards, yet it’s also plenty well-suited for more civilized conditions. While Jeep has deep roots in military usage, the CJ7 reflects the recognition that civilians were becoming enthralled with having a motorized mountain goat at their disposal. It’s markedly longer and a bit wider than its predecessor and affords a much smoother ride,and you’ll find actual doors sitting where cutouts had been. Clad in very fresh Dune paint, with crisp Renegade lettering on its hood, this CJ7 has an undeniably capable look. It’s well fitted from all angles, and you’ll find its mega sturdy front and rear bumpers sitting nice and level both in front and back. With a 10,500 lb. capacity jack securely mounted on its hood and a sturdy new winch sitting up front, it not only looks like it could get itself out of any jam, but could ably come to the rescue if you came across any unfortunate motorist that got themselves in too deep. Should the weather turn while you’re out blazing a path, a new soft top sits in place for protection. Fort Worth, Texas, United States