JEEP 2000 Cherokee Sport 4×4 Write the questions and I can get some answers to you all. Well it’s a good Cherokee I got it when it was about 130000 miles and that was after some ol’boy wrecked it. It was stock height stock all the way . So I redid & fixed it to drive it. It suits my needs I use it daily an I bought the Rubicon lift. Adam’s driveshaft rear slip joint eliminator it still needs a couple inches in the front lift and add some to the front drive shaft.Then modified the bumper ,fender flares I just had these parts and I put them on. It’s a good truck has low oil pressure so I removed the oil pan put in a new high volume pump it still aint more than adequate at idle hot 10 psi it does increase with the RPM’s. I constantly improve the function of it and it isn’t abused. the former owner slid into a wreck on wet pavement minor damage grill, condenser, radiator,electric fan, and the sheet metal, driver fender, etc..Solid body doesn’t have rust and it drives just fine…..I will get you a set of regular rims and standard tires to drive,I might keep them rims & tires.
Well I’ll be here if you got questions. Respectfully, mewelder1 Parts are; New radiator standard replacement from Hong Kong, also A/C condenser still n’a box, ADAM’S rear drive shaft kit with a Teleflex SYE,Rubicon 8 leaf 5.5″ lift rear springs,2″ angle blocks on rear, Rubicon 5.5″ front coil springs,
Rough Country forged adjustable track bar and mounts at axle and frame, Rubicon upper control arms,Rubicon lower control arms, Rubicon control arms drop brackets and braces, Pitman arm XJ 5″ drop, some Stainless flexible brake lines front also at the rear, Bradenton, Florida, United States