1963 USMC Willys M170 Military RARE Radio Jeep For your consideration a very RARE USMC version of the M170 ambulance jeep. This particular jeep was a radio version of the M170 and it has different details on the interior …the seats , also has a very heavy duty electrical system and comes with a Ramsey model 50 winch pto shifter unit Unfortunately the very rare model 50 winch is now missing only the actual PTO shifter unit is left mounted to the rear of the transmission. That is stilll an expensive and desirable piece. Overall the body condition is very nice for the year, has minimal rust through in a couple hat channels. Areas like the tool boxes and under the spare are perfect.
Usually the m170 has lots of body rust….not this one😀
Frame springs and axles are excellent, brakes , all brand new..were recently replaced. Tires are brand new! 24 V original system….engine runs excellent has a rebuilt carburetor, missing some waterproof pieces but the majority are still there….I do have extra parts available Here is your chance to own an extremely rare USMC radio jeep…. it is produced in 1963 which is much later than normal production run for these vehicles…. overall a great collectors item . Comes equipped with unique marine corps items like the rear bumper for lifting shackles other things..even the seats appear specially made Thanks and good luck …sold as is….. clear title Phoenicia, New York, United States