Willys CJ 3A JEEP ERA Stock! NO Rust! Laser Straight Frame! Winch! OVERDRIVE! This CJ-3A, affectionately known as “Scout,” was born in 1950. Having spent the majority of its life on a mountain property in Mariposa, CA; this Willys Jeep has always been 100% free from any rot, cancer, or structural rust. After a lengthy search for the right era-stock 3A, in 2012 I purchased Scout from its second California owner. Shortly thereafter, I found another unit that had a freshly rebuilt drivetrain (less than 20 hours), so I purchased it too and combined our solid rust-free Scout with the fresh heart and axles of the donor. As I have a hard time leaving well enough alone, your new Willys will come with $10,723.51 in parts receipts, including the new “Herm the Overdrive Guy” 30% overdrive! Yes, everything works as designed. Every gauge, headlight, taillight, and parking light; even the factory high beam indicator and map light glow proudly on the dash. The transmission and transfer case shift with a positive engagement rarely found in Jeeps of this era. The engine starts right up, hot or cold, and purrs like a kitten at 180 degrees; always. The custom receiver hitch is ready to haul your boat to the pond. And if worse comes to worse, the Bellview/Warn winch powered by a custom 6/12v battery system stands at the ready. Although we love Scout, it does photograph better than it appears in person. I would call it a “20-footer,” especially in the paint department. Considering what has been done mechanically, if you are simply looking for a super reliable Jeep to enjoy with the grandkids on the ranch, or to explore the dirt backroads, it is ready to go. If you are looking for a show Jeep, plan on spending a few weeks on the hammer and dolly, give ‘er a skim coat and a fresh spray of paint, and then you could have a remarkable looking and functioning Jeep. Clovis, California, United States