1952 Willys Jeep Cj3a, Original, Restored, Unaltered PTO equipped
For anyone interested in an original survivor CJ3A… this is it. I have owned the vehicle for 27 years now, but my age forces the sale of many things. I spent 1991-1995 restoring it. All is original. The tub was off while the frame was cleaned and repainted. A body shop welded in new floors in the front which you can’t tell from original. It was sandblasted clean. Epoxy coated underside.That was all the body work necessary. All parts were disassembled and replaced where needed. This includes steering bearings, wheel and master cylinders,brake drums,new brake lines,etc. Emergency brake has new parts and is operating.
Except for wear parts, almost all components are original . 2 dash gages are of later vintage but I have original parts also.
Tires were 6 ply New in late 1990’s. The JEEP has never been run in Winter since I have owned it.
Transmission and transfer work fine. No gear issues with tranny. I also include spare of each.
PTO. It has the complete PTO system. The driveshaft was never installed,but is included. In 2015, I had the engine completely rebuilt by a local engine shop. All new valves,pistons,water pump,oil pump and of course,heads machined and complete gasket set. New clutch pressure plate and throwout bearing, new carb. I currently have 55 miles on this engine.
Does have a replacement gas tank which is a duplicate of original. Menasha, Wisconsin, United States