2016 Jeep Compass Sport w/ 16,823 Miles & Warranty
Any known defects? This vehicle has no defects.
Does the engine run properly? The engine is mechanically sound and can be driven anywhere with confidence.
Is the transmission smooth? The transmission shifts like it was new.
Any electrical problems? There are no electrical problems with this vehicle.
Any suspension Problems? You wont find any suspension problems with this vehicle.
Any Exhaust Problems? There are no exhaust concerns associated with this vehicle.
Any Brakes Problems? There is 75% life left on the brakes.
Tire Tread Wear? There is approximately 75% of the tire tread remaining. COSMETIC CONDITION:
Exterior Condition? Has an extra clean exterior.
Interior Condition? The interior is extra clean; it was very well kept.
Has it been smoked in? The inside of this vehicle is smoke-free.
Has it been kept in a garage? This vehicle was not garage kept.
Are there any door dings? There are no dings visible on the exterior of this vehicle.
Is there repaired collision damage? There have been repairs made to this vehicle due to prior collision damage (RIGHT FENDER, HOOD AND FRONT BUMPER WERE REPLACED), but it has been repaired to original condition.
Any paint chips? This vehicle has no paint chips.
Any windshield chips? This vehicle has no windshield chips. VEHICLE CONDITION:
Is the mileage accurate? The miles you see are the actual miles for this vehicle.
Vehicle Rating: Super Clean
Is this a One Owner Vehicle? This previously owned vehicle would make you feel like you are the original owner.
Vehicle History: Vehicle History’s database for this vehicle shows ONE accident, and IT HAS A REBUILT TITLE. THIS VEHICLE CAN BE TITLED IN ANY STATE OR CANADA. A $195 Dealer Fee Is Added To Final Price/Bid BID/BUY WITH CONFIDENCE and PEACE OF MIND! 100% Positive Feedback In Excellent Condition – Inside & Outside – Must See to Appreciate Detroit, Michigan, United States