GO Devil Inline 4, 3spd, 4X4, RUNS AND Drives Well,solid Body, TONS OF ACC.!!
A military Jeep with all the trimmings will make anyone take notice, but really, know why you’re stopping to check this one out. It’s hard not to get excited about driving the bedrock of freedom, especially when it’s this affordable. The military Jeep was an international superstar, and this one demonstrates that perfectly. Wearing Royal Air Force (RAF) livery, it’s a reminder that the Jeep just didn’t help America win the WWII… it was an asset to all the Allied forces. So even Britain utilized the Jeep (their Range Rover was a post-war product.) This is the great Anglo-American blend where the iconic military Jeep’s nine-slot grille and camo paint meet that RAF badge and roundel. Plus, this one has all the great accessories to make it truly look like it can go anywhere. The jerry can, rear-mounted spare, spotlight, and side mounted shovel make this a great authentic showpiece for any event or parade. The Jeep was most certainly not built for long haul comfort, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t some considerations given to this one. The gray seats do a fine job of coordinating with the exterior paint. Plus, the addition of seats belts makes this a much more user-friendly machine. Your real creature comforts are items like the fold out/down windshield, compass, and full set of gauges. From behind the wheel, you’ll note three levers on the floor, one for the three-speed manual transmission and the other two for the two-speed transfer case. The middle one selects 2 or 4-wheel drive, while the one on the far right selects high and low ranges. If that seems confusing, the original instructions are mounted on the dash. Cool, right? These weren’t about all-out power, but the 134 cubic-inch inline-four was actually a big reason why the military choose Willys for part of manufacturing the wartime Jeep. The Go Devil motor proved to deliver good torque and was as reliable as an American soldier. And while this one looks like it is out to impress with its red presentation, it’s actually quite period-correct under the hood. Heavy-duty features include the oil bath air cleaner and a big oil filter canister on the side of the engine block, both critical for longevity in the field. The chassis remains quite clean, and the oversized hubs on the sturdy axles are designed to keep the Jeep alive in the worst of situations. Steel wheels with reproduction military-style off-road tires provide the finishing touch for just the right look. The significance of this icon is easily seen just simply in how its descendants are still on sale today. Thanks to a conscientious restoration, sliding behind the wheel of this tough little retuning GI is like taking a trip to one of the most ambitious periods in our history. This true American hero is ready for its next patriot. Call today!!!